The IEA estimates that oil and gas operations around the world emitted just over 70 megatons (Mt) of methane into the atmosphere in 2020, while fugitive emissions accounted for 28% or 20 megatons (Mt) in that period.

84 x – methane (CH4) – Releasing 1 kg of CH4 into the atmosphere is approximately equivalent to releasing 84 kg of CO2, in turn, the 100-year global warming potential (GWP) of methane is approximately 28 times greater than the of CO2, but it only persists in the atmosphere for little more than a decade.

Through our partnership with we help oil & gas companies produce clean energy at a profit by using Energy AI to automate HSE, ESG and operations. uses EPA-certified OGI cameras plus AI machine models to autonomously detect & quantify Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

If you don’t measure, how can you improve your emission reduction targets?

The true motivation of the customer is to prove it with real data and be eligible to claim the success of Net-Zero, attracting ESG investors, demonstrating regulatory compliance and increasing operational efficiency.

# 1 Question we get asked

Q: How can you justify putting an OGI camera on every location?

1. We offer our OOOOa-certified OGI camera + AI solution as-a-service eliminating CAPEX

2. We combine gas leak detection & quantification with other AI machine models into a suite, called Autonomous365, that lowers leasehold operating expenses, providing a proven 10x ROI.