GHG Emissions Highlight #5

The CASIUS Highlights issue covers the recent release from scientists at NOOA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, showing that for the second year in a row, they observed a record annual rise in atmospheric levels of methane, a powerful, heat-trapping greenhouse gas that’s the second biggest contributor to human-caused global warming after carbon dioxide. […]

GHG Emissions Highlight #4

Today’s edition of CASIUS highlights that Methane measurements and emission estimates occur on a spectrum of timescales, from large-scale global assessments of annual emissions to small-scale measurements of emissions from individual sources. This edition provides a graphic overview of new technologies that have emerged in recent years to detect, measure, and quantify ground and airborne […]

GHG Emissions Highlight #3

Today’s edition of CASIUS highlights what is happening with the spatial distribution of methane emissions on the planet using various websites with real-time data. Such maps are critical for monitoring changes in greenhouse gas emissions because the data tells us how fast atmospheric concentrations are rising, where to look and where to expect the most emissions releases.

GHG Emissions Highlight #2

Today’s issue of CASIUS outline carbon capture technologies commonly known as “direct air capture” (DAC), which play a key role in net-negative greenhouse gas emissions technologies and are key to achieving climate targets according to the Emissions Gap Report of the Program (UNEP) published in October 2021.